Salary & Benefits

This is our current salary and benefit package (contract 2016-2018)


  2016 2017 2018
Probationary $46,285.72 $47,442.86 $48,628.93
Patrol 1 thru 5 yrs $52,106.08 $53,408.73 $54,743.95
6   thru 10 $53,491.88 $54,829.18 $56,199.91
11 thru 15 $54,962.96 $56,337.03 $57,745.46
16 thru 20 $56,860.44 $58,281.95 $59,739.00
21 thru 25 $58,523.40 $59,986.49 $61,486.15
26 thru 30 $59,951.84 $61,450.64 $62,986.90

Sergeants make $1.25 per hour above pay at same longevity step*wages base on 2080 hours and do not include overtime or holiday pay

Physical Fitness Test

Optional physical fitness test twice a year $300 (up to $600)

Overtime Pay

1.5 times regular rate

Compensatory Time

Earned at 1.5 hours rate with maximum accumulation of 40 hours


Minimum of 2 hours at overtime rate

Holiday Pay

Below are holidays paid for.  When working a holiday you receive double time your rate.

1. New Year’s Day

2. Good Friday

3. Memorial Day

4. July Fourth

5. Labor Day

6. Thanksgiving Day

7. Friday after Thanksgiving

8. Christmas Eve

9. Christmas Day

10. New Year’s Eve


24 hours in year one

64 sick hours per year (can accumulate)

After 65 days accumulated you can buy back up to 8 sick days a year at $75 a day

Personal Days

40 personal hours per your (paid at the end of the year if unused)

Vacation Days

End of year 1: 40 hours

End of year 2-4: 80 hours

End of year 5-9: 120 hours

Year 10 – beyond: 160 hours

You can carry 40 hours un used time over to the next year

Bereavement Days

A death within the immediate family: 5 days

A death within the extended family: 3 days

Clothing Allowance


Protective Ballistic Vest

Provided by the City of Chillicothe


Central States Southeast and Southwest Areas Health and Welfare Fund: Plan C-6 Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Chillicothe pays 80%






Officer contributes 9.9%.  City Matches.


Chillicothe pays for various extended training through the Illinois Police Training Board  .  Chillicothe is apart of the Mobile Training Unit #7 .  Classes are taken at Illinois Central College

Minimum of 4 departmental range days (unlimited access to the Chillicothe Sportsman Club for range)

Minimum of  1 departmental simunitions days

Yearly Advanced Interactive Systems (shoot/dont shoot simulator) training though Peoria County Sheriff’s Department.

CPR/First responders training

Specialty Positions

Field Training Officers, K9 Officer, Range Officers, Simunitions Officers, Evidence Officer, Investigations, Bicycle Patrol, Taser Instructor, School Resource Officer.


You must live within 15 miles of the city limits beginning 1 year AFTER your probationary period ends

Officers are apart of the Chillicothe Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 247.