The Chillicothe Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 247 is part of the FOP Grand Lodge.  Every officer on the department is a member of the FOP.  Lodge 247 is a non-profit 501(c)(8) organization.  As a lodge we feel it necessary to give back to the community either monetarily or donate our time.  Saying that, we have established a few programs to help give back.

Lodge Officers

President – Nick Bridges

Vice President – Doug Hahn

Secretary – Jack Nieukirk

Treasurer – Jeremy DeVault

Chillicothe Wiffle Ball Tournament

From 2012 to 2015, The Chillicothe Wiffle Ball Tournament was created in memory of 911 dispatcher Matthew C Adams.  He took his life in May of 2012.  As a result in 2012 we started a wiffle ball tournament to raise money for Whitney’s Walk For Life.  Whitney’s Walk raises money for depression awareness and suicide prevention.  80% of the profit goes to Whitney’s Walk and the remaining 20% goes to our lodge where we use it to fund other programs such as FOP Cops and Kids and other charities/benefits in our community.

To date we have raised over $9350!

FOP Cops and Kids

Started in 2013, We began our first ever FOP Cops and Kids program.  That year we found children in need, took them Christmas shopping and at lunch with them.  We teamed up with Riverside Chevrolet, ALCO stores, and Grecian Gardens to give 8 Chillicothe kids $100 to buy Christmas presents and have lunch with our officers.  We thank Riverside Chevrolet, ALCO, and Grecian Gardens for your help!

In 2014 we teamed up with Riverside Chevrolet, Wal-Mart, and Lucky Dog’s Pub & Eatery.  To learn more CLICK THE LINK <Pictures too!

Since 2015, we switched it up.  now we ask for the kids Christmas list.  We get as many items as we can and deliever them to the kids!  We are able to reach about 5 times as many kids this way!  In 2016 we were able to purchase almost $4000 worth of Christmas presents and give to almost 40 kids!

Here is our video, with help from Green Shoe Studio, of our 2015 event.

Cuffs for a Cure

In 2014-15 for the month of October we as a department will wear pink uniform shirts on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.  Throughout the entire month we will be wearing pink accessories such as wristbands, lapel pins, and our squad cars will have pink magnetic ribbons on them.  We will be “arresting” individuals and having them raise $100 to bond out of jail.  They will receive a t-shirt and have their pictures taken.  All the money raised will be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation as apart of the Passionately Pink program.

To this date we have raised: $11,200


Scholarship Program

In 2015 we participated in our first ever “No Shave November”.  Each officer that participated donated $10 a week so they could be allowed not to shave.  Normally we have a clean shaven policy or mustache only.  We were able to raise enough to establish a $250 scholarship to an IVC student.

Past Winners

Community Recognition Award

Past Winners

We want to recognize individuals doing good in the Chillicothe community.  We will as a lodge vote on nominations and award the person/company with a special plaque yearly.  To nominate a person for this award EMAIL HERE .  The person does not have to be a resident of Chillicothe, but has to do positive things in the community.

We do much more than just donate money.  We try and get involved with the community as much as possible by reading to youth, sponsoring and coaching youth baseball, K9 Demo’s and much more.

Want to help?

To help support the FOP Lodge 247 so we can continue to help people in the community please write a check or money order to the Chillicothe FOP Lodge 247 and mail to the address below:

Chillicothe Police Department
Attn: FOP
823 N Second St
Chillicothe Il 61523
You can have your donation earmarked towards a specific cause ex: Cops and Kids FOP
All money stays local within the community

Recent Donations

Total as of 2011 – $31,825

2011 – $700

K9 Gosh and Officer Bridges to Compete in the World Police and Fire Games in NYC $500

IVC Project Graduation $100

Aubrey’s Army $100

2012 -$2400

IVC Project Graduation $100

Whitney’s Walk for Life $2300

2013 – $8200

IVC Project Graduation $100

Whitney’s Walk for Life $3000

Cuffs For A Cure / Susan G Komen Foundation $3775

FOP Cops and Kids $1250

Chillicothe Xtreme Sports $125

2014 – $8200

St Jude Run $200

Whitney’s Walk for Life $2500

Cuffs For A Cure / Susan G Komen Foundation $4600

FOP Cops and Kids $900

2015 – $6485

Chillicothe Veterans Memorial $100

St Jude Run $300

Whitney’s Walk for Life $1125

IVC Sports Boosters $100

Cuffs For A Cure / Susan G Komen Foundation $3200

IVC Scholarship $250

FOP Cops and Kids $1400

2016 – $4750

IVC Project Graduation $100

P.A.V.G. H.A.L.O. (Chilli Vet) $100

CSYA T-Ball $200

IVC Sports Boosters $100

IVC Scholarship $250

FOP Cops and Kids $4000

2017 – $400

CSYA T-Ball $200

St Jude Run $200