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The Chillicothe Police Department has few records available from the early years of its inception.  There was a town marshal employed by the city.  Usually, the town marshal was actually a secondary position held by the town water commissioner and street superintendent.  In most cases, the marshal was the only full-time city employee.
Police Chief Tooney Moreland was responsible for getting the cities first police car, though it didn’t even have radio communications.  The first emergency communication’s used in a Chillicothe squad car was put in place when Chief Wagner sweet talked Dr. Green out of his radio he used to received calls while duck hunting.  Chief Wagner then gave the radio to Harold Kent, who ran Kent’s cab, into handling police calls in between taxi runs.  Chief Moreland was also responsible (along with the help of Bob Munk, Earl Fulton, and a few citizens) for the police department’s office being built in the rear of the city hall building.

Under Chief Maurer, the longest tenured police Chief in Chillicothe history, the department has grown to 9 full-time officers.  A K9 position, along with two juvenile officers, three sergeants, two evidence officers.  In 1993 the current police facility was opened featuring the latest emergency 911 communications.

In 2012 Scott Mettille left the Peoria Heights Police Department where he served as Deputy Chief and became the newest Chillicothe Police Chief.  Chief Mettille brought updated computers to the police department, added a detective position, bicycle unit, and a school resource officer.  Chief Mettille has implemented a new records program along with bringing Chillicothe a monthly neighborhood watch meeting at City Hall.  The squad cars received a new up to date look on the outside as well as state of the art in-car camera’s that automatically upload to servers at the police station.

Chillicothe Police Department now features multiple up to date squad cars, each equipped with speed radar, a mobile data terminal, in-car cameras, and Automated External Defibrillator.

In 2017, our 911 communication center was combined with the Peoria Heights Police Department meeting the 2015 State of Illinois mandate.  The police department lobby is equipped with a phone that automatically calls the dispatch center when picked up.

History of Chiefs

Name Served Title
Burner, James 1900-1901 Day Marshal
Scott, Harry 1902 Marshal
VanDusen, Issac 1903-1904 City Marshal
Wilkey, A.C. 1905-1907 City Marshal
Colwel, Frank 1907-1909 Day Marshal
Kirkland, Harvey 1909-1918 Day Marshal
Carroll, James 1918-1921,1922-23 Day/City Marshal
Merrit, John 1921,1925-1929 Day/City Marshal
Semter, Charles 1923-1924,1944 Day/City Marshal
Montonye, Joe 1929-1932 City Marshal
Todd, William 1929 City Marshal (appointed and later rejected by city council)
Nelson, Harley 1933-1934,1949 Day Marshal/Superindendant of Police
Beaumont, Cecil 1935-1949 City Marshal
Sweeney, O.E. 1934-1949 Day/City Marshal
Wagnaar, Clarence 1949-1955 City Marshal/Police Chief
Crull, William 1949 City Marshal
Allison, Elmer 1953 Police Chief
Tumboold, Roy 1954 Police Chief
Pasquad, W.R. 1956 Police Chief
Watkins, John F 1956-57 Police Chief
Moreland James 1957-65 Police Chief
Fisher, James North Chillicothe Police Chief
Woodruff, Ronald 1965-1968 Police Chief
Siefried, Jay North Chillicothe Police Chief
Sweeney, Oscar 1969 Police Chief
Donaldson, Clarence 1970 Police Chief
Mattox, Robert 1970 Police Chief
Munk, Robert 1970-71 Police Chief
Haines, Russell 1971-72 Police Chief
Fulton, Earl 1972-1973 Police Chief
Gatlin, William 1973-1974 Police Chief
Pribble, Harold 1974 Acting Police Chief
Crawford, Jack
1974-1982 Police Chief
Maurer, Steve 1982-2012 Police Chief
Mark, Richard 2012 Acting Police Chief
Adcock, Daniel 2012 Acting Police Chief
Mettille, Scott 2012-Current Police Chief



Information provided by the Chillicothe Historical Society.